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2016 COSCUP Advanced Docker Workshop

20 Aug 2016 . category: tech . Comments

For 2016 COSCUP Advanced Docker Workshop

Supports by Katacoda & Microsoft Azure, Thank you!!! m(_ _)m


Workshop Lab. List:

  1. Docker 官方 Web 投票微服務範例
  2. Docker Compose & CircleCI
  3. Node.js 最精簡映像檔建置
  4. Docker Compose 和 Service Discovery
  5. Docker Compose for MySQL Cluster & WordPress
  6. Docker 1.12 Swarm 和 MySQL Cluster & WordPress
  7. Serverless 架構 & Docker (DockerCon 2016 Hackathon 作品)


Philipz is a open source geek. He lives in Taipei of Taiwan, where he works on Vancouver General Hospital, Software Engineer. In his spare time, Philipz likes hiking with two sons.